The Stainless Steel Ron

Ron is a proudly designed, hyper modern piece of luxury, which can be used in a variety of ways depending on your personality and lifestyle. Ron is not just any homeware product. Here at Savage Design we like to see Ron as many things, including a pencil holder and a vase, just to name a few. The Mini Ron has even been cherished as a tea light holder!

Made from a solid round bar of up to 6 metres long, we use a CNC production machine to reduce the size of the bar, thus creating smaller Rons from the small billet of material which is usually thrown out.

Why Ron is the Product You Need

Each Ron is entirely unique. If you turn it up to look at the underside you can see the scale and markings of its former life. These give it character and depth as well as all the features of forward-thinking and innovative design.

What we love about Ron is that he can be used in any way you choose, so you’re not limited. You can also add different looks to Ron. For example, if you want some extra shine, just rub some metal polish onto him and he’ll be sparkling in no time!

Homeware Product Design unlike Anything You’ve Seen

Contact us today to get your hands on a Ron and relax knowing that no one else has a one quite like yours. We hold Ron up as an example of just how unique and interesting our product designs here in Sydney have become, as we continue to push the envelope of smart design.

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