Platform 2

Specialising in bespoke furniture in Sydney and beyond, Savage Design is continually searching for our next inspiration. We want our designs to represent ourselves, our business philosophy and our customers. Taking inspiration from architectural and industrial conceptions from all over the world is how we're creating some of the most unique pieces of custom designed furniture around.

Never sure when inspiration will strike - or what form it will take is half the fun of creating bespoke furniture in Sydney. Our Platform 2 table is just one example of turning industrialisation into a design element. Using the city rail network, a fingerprint of Sydney, this graphically striking table top highlights our Sydney heritage and creates a charming conversation piece for any space.

Machined out of aircraft grade aluminium and hand polished, the Platform 2 table is of the highest quality, specifically designed and crafted to show the timeless elegance achievable in industrial design. We relished the challenge of machining this difficult material into a showcase-worthy piece of furniture and the result is an exhibition piece that is also equally suited to a lounge room.

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Aluminium aluminium