New York

This metal furniture piece perfectly combines the hard edge of industrial design with sleek and sophisticated style. Bringing one of the most magical cities to life in a functional coffee table was an exhilarating experience that allowed us to capture the sometimes hard and chaotic feel of Manhattan and expose its order.

Exemplifying The City That Never Sleeps, the stunning New York coffee table is not without intrigue. Light bounces up through the various pockets to give depth and contrast to the design, and a look at the glistening of 5th Ave. is just a small indication that there is more to this New York than meets the eye.

Style and Architecture

This striking table is made from aircraft grade aluminium, an airy and reflective material that is perfectly matched for a design with so many intersecting lines. Its versatility makes it suitable for an office or home, and you'll find that people are as fascinated with its style and architecture as they are with the city itself.

Your Bite of The Big Apple

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