Innovative Custom Furniture Projects: Got an Idea? We’ll Make it Happen

One of the most exciting parts about design is the creation process. Being able to experiment and see your vision come to life is a highly rewarding aspect of the job. We’re continually testing the limits of industrial design in Sydney and internationally, and it’s this fearless attitude that opens the door to exciting new projects beyond the creation of custom furniture.

We also welcome any challenge from our customers. Using the latest technologies combined with top manufacturing skills, we’re confident that we can bring any of your concepts to life. We’ll help you make your mark in industrial design in Sydney and abroad, with the creation of one-of-a-kind custom furniture, homewares or a unique project of any type.

Sydney Childrens Hospital Donor Wall

Akin Creative had a vision for the donor wall in the new wing of Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick, they just weren’t sure it could be physically made. With their concept in mind we set about designing the manufacturing process and executing it.

Donor’s hands were 3D modelled in CAD off ink hand prints. The files were then used to CNC machine the hands into aluminium plates along with a disc with their name or names. The plates were then polished to mirror, gold plated, masked and painted white.

The result is a white tiled wall that appears to have peoples hand prints pressed into it revealing a precious metal. As people walk through the space their image is reflected in the gold of the hands and the discs of names creating movement and involvement in a static object, exactly as Akin had envisaged.

OLOC Garden Features

The forward thinking team at OLOC aged care services were after some features in the landscaping of their new facility that would create thought, opinion and conversation among their residence. They had an idea of pots shaped as bird’s heads but wanted to incorporate colour and a water feature. We came up with a design based on their concept and added oversized silver ants as an additional feature for their garden

We worked with Deb Taylor from Little White Dish to make the ceramic bird’s heads. Each one is handmade and painted resulting in 8 different birds that all have their very own personalities. The rest of the items were made in-house. The totems, made from stainless steel tube, were machined, powder coated and installed with water reservoirs and pumps. The ants were turned from solid aluminium, chromed and assembled with their tree trunk home.

  • OLOC Garden Features - 1
  • OLOC Garden Features - 2
  • OLOC Garden Features - 3
  • Nicholas Dining Table
  • Nicholas Dining Table

Nicholas Dining Table

After seeing the Nicholas coffee table, firstly in a magazine then in real life, our client wanted a super sized version. The form of the Nicholas coffee table had really pushed the boundaries of manufacturing and so when our client wanted to fit 6 people around it in an outdoor environment we had to get really creative. Through the experience of our engineers we once again push the boundaries and cleverly hid the necessary extra support and created a larger slimline Nicholas that kept the signature scalloped edges and creature like stance.

Brass Edge Trim Cafe Culture

Currently rolling out of the factory are table tops with some special customisation. Cafe Culture + Insitu were looking for someone to add metal edge banding to their table top range. They turned to us as metal specialists to be their manufacturing partner and, with our expertise, they can now offer edging in brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel for their round, square and rectangular table tops.

  • Brass Edge Trim Cafe Culture - 1
  • Brass Edge Trim Cafe Culture - 2
  • Brass Edge Trim Cafe Culture - 3
  • Custom Furniture Blurb - 1
  • Custom Furniture Blurb - 2
  • Custom Furniture Blurb - 3

Custom Furniture

Everyone loves a product personalised for themselves. With design and manufacturing in-house we are the perfect partner for one off customised pieces. We often find our customers know exactly what they want but can’t find anything to their exact specifications in the market. All our manufacturing is done locally and to the highest standard. We happily work to a budget but will never sacrifice quality for price. We work with both industry and private clients.

Feature Screen

Due to our extensive experience with metals we often get customers coming to us when their project is not quite straight forward. Extra long hangovers, material being as minimal as possible and hidden fixings are all common requirements. One recent job was a feature screen over 4m long x 2.6m high using 25mmx50mm rhs. It needed to fit through a door, have an over hang of 1.5m and yep fixings had to be hidden. To make sure that our client is happy we always draw our products in CAD. We also often run stress tests through our CAD software to determine if our designs are suitable for their usage. During manufacture we inspect all our work to make sure the design requirements are being met and our clients have a smile on their faces when the final product is delivered.

  • Feature screen - 1
  • Platform 1

Platform 1

A joint project between ourselves and our parent company TR Savage & Son, this venture lets us test the design and manufacturing limits of our partnership. Fully confident in the manufacturing capabilities of TR Savage, we endeavoured to design something that not everyone specialising in industrial design in Sydney – or anywhere else – could produce.

The result is a stunning table. Made from 316 stainless steel, this piece represents the city of Sydney in industrial design. Despite being a difficult material to machine, we chose this grade because it is designed to last a lifetime.


When an avid cyclist came to us with a request for one-of-a-kind handlebars, we were excited to have a chance to create a meaningful and specialised addition to his most prized possession. With the power to motivate him and intimidate his competition, there was more involved in this project than aesthetics.

First of all, we created a computer model of the handlebars to the client’s specifications. The model was then 3D printed in a dissolvable material which was wrapped in carbon fibre. The final step involved dissolving the printed handlebars to leave behind a custom set of carbon fibre handlebars.

  • Handlebars
  • Exhibition Stand

Exhibition Stand

When your company has a message they want to get across, Savage Design has the means. Wishing to increase awareness of glaucoma while reinforcing his brand position, this client requested a unique alternative to the boring brochure-table exhibition stand.

We took the project to the next level by creating a stand that gave the illusion of taking a journey through the eye while interacting with different displays promoting the client’s product categories. The end result was a visually stunning design.

iPhone Case

Originally intended as a marketing tool for our 3D printer, this little gadget has become something we can’t live without. An iPhone case that holds your business cards is visually appealing, functional and only just begins to show what we can do with the 3D printer.

  • iPhone Case
  • 135


A simple task – design a set of house numbers. Inspired by the beauty of the space and the charm of the windmill located out back, we created this original display of numbers. Now we’re heading back to design an external wall feature to match. It’s hard not to be inspired in this exquisite location.

Electrical Meter Testing Unit

Safe, speedy and adaptable. With this short list of requirements in hand, we set to work on this project. A testing unit to check the array of electrical meters on the market in minimal time was a challenging and invigorating project. It proved our capabilities at delivering custom solutions to specific requirements, and resulted in a white box full of custom designed parts.

  • Electrical Meter Testing Unit

Always Innovating

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