Our modern take on the traditional French plant stand,Beryl is a multifunctional furniture piece limited only by the user’s imagination. The three-tiered design can be transformed to suit nearly any type of environment. Thanks to its elegantly curved edges and high quality material, this metal furniture piece is strong and durable but with a light and delicate look.

Made from laser cut and rolled aluminium plates with an anodised aluminium support pole, Beryl is stronger than her minimalist look. With various colours available, this unique piece of Sydney designer furniture will suit any home or office space and will equally make a powerful statement outdoors.

Versatile Style

The design of the fully functional Beryl furniture piece has been carefully thought through in order to offer the most versatility. The piece consists of three tiers – at seat, desk and workbench height – connected with a central shaft allowing for full mobilisation. By swivelling the tiers around the pole, the user can create stylish and functional arrangements for almost any need.

How Will You Use It?

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